Equity at ProCare

“We have the ability to change our tomorrow. 

By building trust and authentic relationships and collaboration today. 

Walk alongside each other to help drive change. 

Acknowledging our difference and celebrating our similarities. 

To empower people to make better changes for their health and pave the way for better health experience and outcomes for all New Zealanders.”


As a leading healthcare provider, ProCare is committed to ensuring we meet our Te Tiriti obligations; working in partnership with Māori, providing services in a culturally appropriate way, recognising the expression of hauora Māori models of care and ensuring that Māori are equitable co-designers of services for Māori.

Our mission is to reimagine healthcare to deliver the most progressive, pro-active and equitable health and wellbeing services in Aotearoa New Zealand.


Māori Health

ProCare has a strong focus on improving the health and wellbeing outcomes of our Māori communities. Working in partnership with community organisations; our aim is to deliver programmes that help promote overall wellbeing for whānau, whilst at the same time reducing the incidence of factors that may cause ill health such as rheumatic fever, diabetes, heart disease, smoking and mental health and addiction challenges.

Pacific Health

ProCare aims to improve the health outcomes for Pacific communities by working in partnership with community organisations to address the equity gaps and integrate healthcare into the community. We recognise people’s health and wellbeing can be supported in a range of different settings, including at home, at school, at church or at the gym.


Equity Team

Transforming healthcare and improving health outcomes requires partnership and increased focus on addressing the growing equity gaps. Our Equity team is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of our Māori and Pacific communities.