ProCare Equity Team

Mihi Blair (Ngāti Whātua)

Kaiwhakahaere Hauora Māori, Mana Taurite (GM of Māori Health and Equity)

Ko Mahuhu-ki-te-rangi tōku waka
Ko Maungakiekie tōku maunga
Ko Waitemāta tōku moana
Ko Tuperiri tōku tangata
Ko Ngā Oho, ko Te Taoū ko Te Uringutu ngā hapū
Ko Ngāti Whātua te iwi

Mihi has over 15 years career experience in community, government and advocacy providing an excellent platform to lead positive health and wellbeing aspirations for Māori at ProCare.

Mihi has held several advisory roles which includes Oceania Conference, Sydney Organising Committee, Indigenous Rep, HPA Vape to Quit Smoking Campaign Advisory Board

Mihi’s experience in providing support, expertise and advocacy for Smokefree Environments and regulations regarding the sale of Products (Vaping) Amendments Act 2020 gives ProCare support in advocating for better health outcomes.

Mihi is a strong advocate for doing better now for the next generation and is passionate about whānau and community led transformation. Mihi’s leadership to support ProCare's strategy to align to Te Tiriti principles will ensure that positive health outcomes for Māori are a priority.

Dr Reza Jarral

Clinical Director for Equity

Dr. Jarral provides clinical oversight and support across our equity-focused health targets and initiatives as the Clinical Director for Equity. He works as a GP at an inner-city practice serving high needs populations with very low-cost access, which informs his work around whānau-centred innovation and responsible technology. Dr. Jarral is also the Clinical Director of the national telehealth service CareHQ and is a guest lecturer at Tech Futures Lab. Collaborating with teams at the World Health Organisation, The Impact Collective and IEEE, Dr. Jarral hopes to shape a better and brighter collective future, using technology.

Vivien Pole

Head of Pacific Health

Viv Pole is the Head of Pacific Health for ProCare. She has been in the health sector for nearly 15 years now, having completed over 20 years in the finance sector in a range of management positions. Prior to moving to ProCare, Viv was the Operations Manager and later as Service Development Manager for Alliance Health Plus PHO.

She is passionate about influencing contracts and program delivery to be more responsive for Pacific. As a member of the Equity Team, she advocates for the 100,000 Pacific within the ProCare practices while supporting the Pacific team in her various level of influence.

Viv holds a master’s degree in Health Leadership and an MBA both from the University of Auckland. She was raised in the Friendly Island of Tonga before moving to Auckland nearly 40 years ago. She maintains good connections with the Pacific health providers and Tongan communities. Viv is very family oriented with a strong Christian faith.

Tracey Thompson

Kaitiaki Hauora 

He hoonore, he korooria ki te Atua,
He maungaarongo ki te whenua,
He whakaaro pai ki nga taangata katoa,
Ake, ake, ake,

“Tainui, Mataatua te waka”
“Waikato, Ngaa Puhi, Whakatohea te Iwi”
Tena koutu katoa”

“E kore au e ngaro, e kore au e whakama, e kaha nei ahau, ki te kimi ki te rapu ko wai au…”

“Manene ki te motu, manene ki te ao, aha pehea ra, e kore wareware ki toku ukaipo, he uri o Ngaati Tahinga!!”

Since joining ProCare I have been an integral part of the patient services and long term conditions team bringing into the fold my cultural experience, Iwi, Hapuu, Marae and community networks.
I have also enjoyed roles as a team lead, project manager and Māori project manager, health navigator and facilitator and Health Coach. Along the way I have gained a degree in Social Work which has enabled me to continue working with social services, NGOs and Government services to enhance health outcomes for our enrolled patient population consisting of over 800,000 Aucklanders.

In 2019 I joined the ProCare Equity Team - Kaitiaki O Hauora and using lived experience I am passionate about addressing social and health determinants and improving internal and external processes with the aim of bridging the gaps to improve health outcomes for our high needs populations.
Building on existing relationships with Iwi, hapuu, and Marae and connecting with our practices. Cultural guidance in strategy, planning and projects.
Mauri Ora.

Fuimaono Masuisui Sam Partsch

Pacific Coordinator - Healthy Village Action Zones (HVAZ)

Fuimaono Masuisui Sam Partsch, an Orator and Samoan Paramount Chief, is ProCare’s Pacific Coordinator for the Healthy Village Action Zones (HVAZ) Program for 14 years now. He brought his wealth of experience from the mental health services where he was the Cultural Support Worker and Cultural Advisor for the Waitemata Crisis teams.
Cultural expertise is valuable in his work and essential for church and community leaders in their level of engagement. Fuimaono believes in diversity and inclusiveness. He thrives in making transformational and sustainable changes for our families.
A father of 6 children and 6 grandchildren, Fuimaono will be celebrating his 35th wedding anniversary to wife Valita Partsch who is the longest serving Pacific staff at ProCare. 
“It’s my prayer and hope to bring most of my cultural strengthens and resources to be a dot connector to support the health journey of our Pacific people”.


Nive Sharat Chandran

Change Manager

Nive was born in Chennai, India but moved to Aotearoa when she was 10 years old with her mother and older brother. Nive’s professional and academic background is in health and public policy. She currently works for ProCare as their Change Manager with a focus on equity and leads the ProEquity Journey for the organisation and the whānau voice strategy.

Nive’s passion is the advancement of women, young people, children and intersectionality of social justice issues. She has represented Aotearoa at various United Nations meetings. She was also selected to be the NGO representative on the New Zealand Government Delegation to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in 2020, unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions this Commission was cancelled.

Nive she was named as a finalist in the emerging leader category for the Westpac’s Women of Influence Awards 2013 for her commitment to young women.

Fluent in both Tamil and English, Nive is also able to stay up-to-date with equity issues through her connections. She has strong networks within the Ministry for Ethnic Communities, Ministry of Youth Development, Ministry for Women, Asia New Zealand Foundation’s Leadership Network, Auckland Council’s Youth Advisory Panel, and UNESCO NZ’s Youth Advisory Group.

When she is not working or serving on boards, Nive is spending time with her husband, Damian, and their two dogs, Maya (Golden Retriever) and Thelonious or Theo (Golden Retriever x Irish Setter).

Tui Makoare-Iefata

Ara Hauora Project Lead

Ko Tutamoe, Maungakiekie oku maunga
Ko Tama te Uaua, Ōrākei oku marae
Ko Kaihu te awa, Waitemata te moana
Ko Mahuhu ki te rangi te waka
Ko Tom and Grace Makoare oku matua
Ko Johnny Iefata toku hoa rangatira
Ko Tui Makoare-Iefata ahau
Kei roto au i te Equity team
He Project Lead ahau o Ara Hauora Mobile Outreach service

I am the eldest of six children – three sisters and two brothers, a mama of five tamariki – four very beautiful daughters and one tall, dark and handsome son and nannie of 12 ataahua mokopuna – eight kotiro and four tama toa.

My star sign is Leo the lion – proud, strong, passionate, leader. I love the beach, netball, softball, rugby league, touch, travelling, spending time with whānau, riding motorbikes, eating kaimoana and dessert.

Starting my journey with ProCare in January 2022, I bring my experience as a mental health, tamariki ora, whānau ora, community and practice nurse to the role. I have always had a passion to improve health outcomes for Māori, namely hauora wāhine me tamariki hoki. I love making connections with whānau and watching them taking the driver’s seat of their journey, achieving their goals, and observing the light bulb moments, the excitement, the change when they experience their hauora. It is an amazing feeling for me to see the transformation and mixture of emotions.