Reasons to join a general practice 

Healthcare sometimes uses words that people are not familiar with, so please note the term General Practitioner is the name for a doctor who takes care of all your healthcare needs outside of hospital. The place they work is called a general practice. Some people also refer to general practice as their local doctor or their family doctor. 

It's important to enrol with a general practice so when you get sick, or have an injury, there’s a team who know you and are ready to help you through the process.

You will get the best healthcare when you  have an ongoing relationship with the same group of doctors and nurses and when your full medical records are available. It can be much harder to get preventative care and advice when you are not enrolled in one single practice.

You can only be enrolled with one practice, and if you meet the enrollment criteria, the cost of your visit and prescriptions will be lower, as the government pays some of the cost. General practices normally charge a higher fee to casual patients or patients that aren't enrolled with their practice. Enrollment with a general practice means your fee with be subsidised - so there is a reduced consultation fee.