Recruitment service

We know recruitment, we know general practice 

General practice is not your average workplace, it is a specialised and unique part of New Zealand's health sector. 

ProCare's expert recruitment team understands this difference and knows how practices tick, so is perfectly placed to help find the best talent available in primary healthcare. 

Employee benefits packages

Create loyalty with your team members 

Looking after your staff is great for morale and shows the value you place on your people. 

Through ProCare's employee benefit package, your practice's staff can access a range of benefits that are not often an option for smaller businesses. 

Practice management service

Taking the hard work out of managing your practice.

Behind every successful general practice is a person who keeps the day-to-day operations humming. 

A superstar Practice Manager can make a big difference to the performance and running of your business. If your practice needs a specialist Practice Manager for the short or long term, ProCare can help. This service includes a free consultation to identify your precise requirements. 

For more information, contact Nancy Wheeler on 021 497 714

Employment Plus Service 

Let us take care of your human resource headaches

Running a general practice, whether large or small, is busy. 

Maintaining an engaged workplace is not always easy and keeping your employees happy, healthy, and focused takes work. We are here to help you achieve all of this, and more. 

As a valued member of ProCare's growing network, you already have access to our Employment Plus service. Our experienced consultants offer quality, reliable information and guidance on all employment and health and safety matters via a convenient phone-based service.