Elevate is a dedicated transition ownership programme designed to keep general practice in clinical ownership

Elevate is a new co-operative service that helps to keep practices in the hands of clinicians, while also helping younger clinicians into practice ownership.

Elevate sits alongside our associated brokerage service, Exchange by ProCare, as a succession planning solution for practice owners who would prefer to pass ownership of their business to another independent clinician. 

In 2019 ProCare purchased Kaipara Medical Centre under a similar transitional ownership programme when the owners requested the network's support with their sale, while preserving clinical ownership.

Who is this service for?

  • Any practice owners looking  to sell who cannot find a suitable buyer straight away or who are reluctant to sell to a corporate. 
  • Clinicians looking for step into practice ownership, whether as a sole owner or part-owner.


  • ProCare is purely an interim owner, helping to develop and transform practices and support the introduction of new clinical owners
  • Wrap around support – ownership training/mentoring for those in the programme, and back-room business expertise both during and post-transition (practice management, improvement, recruitment etc)
  • Best of both worlds - clinicians can have an ownership stake, spread the risk of ownership over time, and ensure quality resources are available to support in the background

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