ProCare supports the Human Rights Commission inquiry into NZ’s Pacific Pay Gap

ProCare, New Zealand’s largest network of primary healthcare professionals who look after the largest Pacific population in Auckland, is proud to support the Human Rights Commission inquiry into New Zealand’s Pacific Pay Gap; as according to the Pacific Pay Gap Inquiry, Pacific peoples comprise the lowest paid ethnic group in Aotearoa.

Bindi Norwell, Chief Executive at ProCare says: “This is an important initiative, and we were delighted to get involved and show how we have taken a stand against pay inequity in our organisation.

“We have provided extensive anonymised data on the make-up of our workforce demographics and remuneration structure, as well as having undertaken multiple meetings and interviews with various team members leading the inquiry.”

“Our data reflects the fair, equitable and structured approach we take to remuneration across all of our roles. It highlights that our Pacific people are highly valued, crucial members of the healthcare workforce and that there is no inequity in our organisation in terms of a pay-gap,” she continues.

Matt Prestwood, Head of People and Culture at ProCare says: “Our network-based remuneration data shows Pacific clinical staff, such as practice nurses and GPs, are highly valued due to the blend of both cultural and clinical skills they bring to their roles. This has a positive impact in terms of the delivery of their roles and the care to the patients and communities they support.

“While the Pacific Pay Gap may not be prevalent in our immediate industry, the Human Rights Commission data and findings show that nationally this is a very real and persistent issue impacting one of our largest and most cherished communities,” he continues.

Viv Pole, Senior Advisor for Pacific Health at ProCare says: “Having been involved in staff recruitment over the years, I know that we have a fair and equitable system in place that recognises the right skills and experience regardless of ethnicity. ProCare is very supportive of our Māori and Pacific staff.”

Commenting on ProCare’s involvement in the Inquiry, Saunoamaali’i Karanina Sumeo, Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioner for the New Zealand Human Rights Commission says: “I am grateful that [ProCare] has agreed to be a contributor to the work. Your support echoes leadership and goodwill shown by others who have come on board and who share a commitment to ensuring equal opportunity, fairness and equity for all.”


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