ProCare reminds Aucklanders that many GPs are still open in L4 - don't delay seeking treatment

ProCare, New Zealand’s largest network of primary healthcare professionals has today reminded Aucklanders that many general practices are still open, despite the move to Alert Level 4 in the early hours of the morning.

A number of practices will also be open in order to swab test patients for COVID-19.

Bindi Norwell, Group CEO at ProCare says: "Most general practices will have moved to virtual or over the phone consulting now that we’re in Alert Level 4; but many are still open for activities that can’t be conducted online such as cancer screening, delivering childhood immunisations or testing for COVID-19.

"It’s essential that if people need medical attention that they reach out to their general practice by phoning ahead and finding out what support is available," she points out.

"Last time the country was in Alert Level 4, people held off from seeking treatment, and then in some instances found themselves in a worse place down the track because they delayed seeking initial treatment. We would be very disappointed to see this happen again, and think it’s really important that we take all of the learnings from the last lockdown and apply them now that we find ourselves in lockdown again, continues Norwell.

"Patients can be assured that practices have all the appropriate precautions in place to protect them, so there is no need to stay away from their doctor’s surgery."

Dr Allan Moffitt, Clinical Director, says: "Whilst it was announced that there was an initial 48-hour halt on all COVID-19 vaccines, we are planning to recommence this as soon as the go ahead is given. Existing practices may recommence vaccinating from tomorrow and we will be bringing on more vaccinating practices as resources allow.”

Gabrielle Lord, Nursing Director and General Manager Practice Services ProCare, says "ProCare already has 20 practices on board as part of the overall rollout programme, and even though we’re in Alert Level 4, we will still continue to support the onboarding of new practices to ensure as many Kiwis can be vaccinated as quickly as possible," she concludes.

Key tips for visiting your GP during Alert Level 4

  • Don’t delay seeking treatment (if it’s an emergency, still call 111)
  • Phone ahead - this will help the general practice work out how they can help patients safely
  • It is still safe to see your GP in Alert Level 4
  • If you need to visit your doctor in person (after telephone screening), please wear a mask. Otherwise your consultation will be by video call or phone.


For more information contact:
Dee Crooks | Director of Brand and Communications, ProCare HealthEmail:, Tel: +64 (0)22 0310 380

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