Why join ProCare?

Established in 1995, the ProCare network is a cooperative of healthcare professionals committed to delivering world leading health services. When you join ProCare you'll be part of the largest network of general practices in New Zealand. The network is made up of 180+ practices with more than 600 GPs caring for over 800,000 enrolled patients. ProCare serves the largest Māori, Pacific and South Asian population enrolled in general practice in New Zealand. 

The network of practices extends from as far north as Orewa to Tuakau in the South, ensuring a broad coverage across the greater Auckland region.

Advocating for general practice

The size of the ProCare Network means we have an influential voice to championing the interests of our practices, their patients and primary care in general. We have strong relationships with key decision-makers, enabling us to raise issues around funding and advocate for our practices. 

We’re committed to ensuring ProCare practices have the support they need to be sustainable and deliver quality health outcomes for their patients.


Business support

The ProCare network of practices is supported by a committed team of around 180 people, providing advice and support to practices on a daily basis. Many of these people have worked in general practice and several are still practising as clinicians, while other staff members are business or administration experts. The ProCare team also supports practices through the provision of tools, systems and processes to enable efficiencies for practice managers, GPs and nurses in their day-to-day practice lives.

The team at ProCare recognises that general practices are busy places, so by providing business administration and back office support, we can help GPs and nurses release time to care.

ProCare has a range of business services to help your practice thrive. The type of support we offer includes a GP locum service, processing of payments and capitation, business planning and reporting, practice management service, employee benefits packages for practice staff and a specialised HR and recruitment service so you can attract and keep the best employees for your practice.


Clinical support and professional development

ProCare prides itself on delivering superior clinical excellence, both in terms of health targets and management of chronic health conditions. ProCare provides practices with clinical programmes to help with the care of their patients, as well as support with achieving quality standards such as Cornerstone Accreditation and Foundation Standard.

ProCare also has a range of professional development tools and forums available to GPs and nurses in the network. Unique to the ProCare network are its ‘cell groups’, which can be used for CME, peer review and CNE points. These different learning environments also enable clinicians to tap into the vast amount of knowledge across the network.