Information for patients

Your ProCare practice teams are family medicine specialists with a wide range of expertise and resources to keep you healthy.

ProCare practices

Offering 24-hour access – in person during the day or by phone overnight – ProCare practices provide quality health advice and care. ProCare practices can also help their patients access community and mental health programmes. We provide comprehensive healthcare when you are unwell, as well as advice and services to help prevent illness and support your general wellbeing.

Find a general practice or family doctor (GP)

ProCare has more than 180 practices and GPs throughout the wider Auckland region. Look for a GP near your home or your workplace. You can search by suburb, address, practice or doctor’s name. Find a general practice or family doctor (GP).

Why enroll with a ProCare general practice?

There are many benefits of enrolling with a general practice, including having one place that knows you and knows your health history – it’s what we call continuity of care. ProCare practices work hard to provide high-quality care to their patients and prescribe to a set of standards unique to our network. ProCare practices can also access (for eligible patients) a range of specialist services, including weight loss/exercise programmes and experts like podiatrists, dieticians and psychologists.

ProCare practices work together as a network to deliver high-quality health outcomes for more than half of the people living in Auckland. ProCare practices also have access to a variety of services that directly help patients, either by helping them navigate other services that support their wellbeing, like housing or employment services, and connecting them with community groups and programmes.

Benefits of being enrolled

Enrolling in a practice is important so when you do get sick, or have an injury, there’s a team who know you and are ready to help you through the process.

The best healthcare happens when you can have an ongoing relationship with the same team, and when your full medical records are available.  It can be much harder to get preventative care and advice when you are not enrolled in one single practice.

You can only be enrolled with one practice, and if you meet the enrolment criteria, the cost of your visit and prescriptions will be lower, as the government subsidises the cost.

What is a PHO?

Primary Health Organisations (or PHOs) receive funding from the Ministry of Health via the district health boards around New Zealand. This funding is then distributed to general practices, allowing for subsidised healthcare for those people enrolled in a practice. The level of funding is dependent on age, sex/gender, ethnicity and socioeconomic status of the patients. A PHO is made up of a number of general practices who work together as a network to provide care for patients who are enrolled with them. This is often referred to as a PHO’s ‘patient population’.

There are many different kinds of health issues and conditions that New Zealanders could encounter during their lifetime, as a baby, a child, or an adult. Many of these illnesses and diseases can be identified and treated through a general practice team, as well as helping with lifestyle behaviours like smoking and diet. Your ProCare family doctor can give you advice on issues like heart disease, diabetes and immunising your baby or child. 

What is primary healthcare?

Primary healthcare is the health care provided within the community, by doctors, practice nurses, pharmacists or other health professionals who work within or with a general practice. Your general practice team can provide and help you access a wide range of services and support, including diagnosis and treatment, disease prevention, immunisation, health screening, health education, and counselling.

Patient services offered by ProCare

Fresh Minds - discreet and confidential and can be accessed both directly, or via your GP. 

Ready, Steady, Quit - Stop Smoking Service for Auckland & Waitemata