Primary Care Today and Tomorrow

Primary care is responding to a growing, aging and increasingly diverse population in Auckland.

In the future:

• Patients will be supported to manage their own health and will receive far more personalised care.
• Primary care models will be far more proactive, team based and virtually connected.
• Health systems will be far more integrated with the social determinants of health.

As the largest PHO in New Zealand, ProCare is playing a leadership role in shaping the new models of care for acute care, chronic disease, mental health and care planning. ProCare core strengths are clinical leadership, population health, workforce development, change management and the use of digital technology.

ProCare values partnerships with other community and clinical organisations that also care for our patients.

Primary care today

A high-level view of primary care, ProCare's position in the health landscape and a profile of the population we serve.

Primary care today - 1

Primary care today - 2


Caring for our population

What we know about our population, how we ensure we focus on their needs and how well we are doing.

Caring for our population - 1

Caring for our population - 2

Caring for our population - 3

Caring for our population - 4

Supporting healthy communities

Key initiatives and priorities, focusing on high needs populations and support for lifestyle change.

Supporting healthy communities - 1

Supporting healthy communities - 2

Supporting healthy communities - 3

Supporting healthy communities - 4

Primary mental health

How ProCare and primary care is addressing the challenge of mental health and well-being through a range of initiatives.

Primary mental health - 1

Primary mental health - 2

Primary mental health - 3

Primary mental health - 4

Changing face of general practice

How general practice is changing to deliver integrated, personalised care, provide more services close to home, avoid hospital admissions and keep people well.

Changing face of general practice - 1

Changing face of general practice - 2

Changing face of general practice - 3

Changing face of general practice - 4



Primary care tomorrow

The 'art of the possible' - showcasing our vision of primary care 2022 and beyond, with the expert patient at the heart of an integrated, technologically-enabled health system.

Patient experience

Supporting our network

How ProCare supports practices to deliver the best possible care to patients and populations.

Supporting our networks - dashboard