ProCare Health PHO

Partnering with whānau for quality health outcomes.

ProCare is New Zealand's largest and most diverse network of general practices, with a local and personal approach to delivering world-leading health services. We aim to understand and meet the needs of our patients, their whanau, and collectively as communities and populations. 

It is estimated that clinical care (access and quality) contributes to only about 20% of the influence on a population's health, with 80% coming from behavioural health, and social and environmental determinants such as poverty, employment, education and housing.

Behavioural health can be improved by the quality of communication and the trusted relationship between clinicians and their patients, as well as through innovative new models of care such as Te Tumu Waiora. 



We are working towards a future where: 

Patients are supported to manage their own health and will receive far more personalised care. 

Primary care models are more proactive, team based and virtually connected.

Health and social systems are integrated to achieve wellbeing.

ProCare's innovative Our Picture of Health (needs analysis) provides insights into the health needs of our more than 800,000 enrolled patients. It is the largest of its kind focused on primary care in New Zealand. 

Our Population Health Strategy is a direct response to the needs identified in Our Picture of Health. To deliver the strategy, ProCare is leading the way by shaping new models of care for acute care, chronic disease, mental health and care planning, all of which support our practices to deliver health and well-being to patients.