Our structure 

ProCare is comprised of the PHO ProCare Health (PHO) Limited, co-operative ProCare Network Limited, ProCare Network Partnerships Limited and the ProCare Charitable Foundation.

Fully owned by our members, the co-operative ProCare Network Limited offers a wide range of services, tools and programmes to members to balance the challenges of delivering quality healthcare to patients along with the running of a thriving and successful business.

Shareholders can nominate, be nominated for and vote for the Co-operative Board. The elected Board is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organisation and adopting appropriate governance processes to ensure effective oversight of the organisation on behalf of shareholders, employees and other stakeholders.

ProCare Health (PHO) Limited is a registered charity that has the ability to release more funds for services, allowing for better continuity of care for patients and strong, sustainable practices. Directors of ProCare Health (PHO) Limited will be appointed by the board of the co-operative.

A new arm ProCare Network  Partnerships Ltd aims to drive innovation through social enterprises such as Fresh Minds  as well as Homecare Medical, which we have a fifty percent ownership with Pegasus PHO. 

The Board is committed to high standards of corporate governance and follows, in principle, the corporate governance guidelines and principles developed by the Financial Markets Authority and the New Zealand Institute of Directors. The Board establishes committees to support it in its governance work. These committees do not make binding board decisions but make recommendations to the Board.

The purpose of the ProCare Charitable Foundation is to promote the health and wellbeing of disadvantaged communities across the greater Auckland region. Each year the Foundation grants funding to selected Auckland-based registered charities.