In order to be eligible to apply for a ProCare Foundation grant, an organisation must be:

  • A registered charity and supply their registration number
  • Operating within the Foundation's region (the area that falls under Auckland Council jurisdiction) View this map to see if your project/programme fits within the geographical boundaries set by the Foundation 
  • Supply a set of financial statements completed in line with the Reporting Standards set by Charities Service

Applicants should also note the following eligibility considerations:

  • The significance of any Government funding will be taken into consideration when assessing applications
  • Applications for health education programmes must clearly show the health outcomes for the defined populations e.g. promotion of immunisation
  • Applications from sports organisations must clearly show they are providing advancement of education or promotion of health and wellbeing
  • Applications that propose matched funding will be considered favourably

Please note the foundation does not fund the following:

  • Social functions
  • The promotion of commercial, political or religious objectives, including political advocacy projects, employment and/or business initiatives, and commercial enterprises
  • Activities that promote financial profit for applicants
  • Activities or programmes taking place outside the greater Auckland region
  • Retrospective funding for activities that have already happened after the date of the application

ProCare Charitable Foundation - application boundary map

Considering applying for a ProCare Charitable Foundation Grant? View this map to see if your project/programme fits within the geographical boundaries set by the Foundation. 

How to apply?

Unfortunately, we will not be taking applications for the 2021 grant round due to the challenges faced nationally with Covid-19. 

For further information please email funding@publictrust.co.nz or call the Public Trust team on 0800 371 471.