New role to address inequities and advance Māori health outcomes

ProCare Health Ltd. is pleased to announce the appointment of Lance Norman as Head of Equity and Māori Health Outcomes, a new role dedicated to addressing inequities and advancing Māori health gains within ProCare’s enrolled population.

Lance joins ProCare following five years as CEO of Māori health and advocacy-focused NGO, Hāpai Te Hauora, where he successfully raised the profile of the organisation as a leading Māori public health policy advocate across Aotearoa.

He also led campaigns influencing government policy change in fields such as standardised packaging and tax increases for tobacco control, health literacy, alcohol and drug harm and problem gambling harm.

Lance’s experience spans more than 20 years of executive and senior management roles across various sectors including health, social services, and Whānau Ora.

ProCare CEO Steve Boomert says this new appointment is testament to ProCare’s commitment to improving equity of access and health outcomes for Māori across its patient population.

“We have a really key role to play here in ensuring we are responding strategically and effectively to the needs of our patient community,” says Mr Boomert.

As at 1 July 2018, ProCare had 844,607 enrolled patients, making up 50 per cent of Auckland region’s population and 17 per cent of New Zealand’s population.

ProCare is responsible for the largest Māori (91,929) and Pacific (112,737) communities of any PHO in New Zealand and the largest high needs population in New Zealand (271,321). It is also responsible for the largest Asian population of any PHO (191,514).

ProCare PHO Chair, Tevita Funaki, explains that in 2017 ProCare conducted a comprehensive ‘health needs’ review of ProCare’s enrolled population.

 “The findings in ‘Our Picture of Health’ provided us with a detailed understanding of where the inequities lie in health outcomes across our population, and where increased focus is needed,” says Mr Funaki.

“This report has helped guide our population health strategy today and dedicate resources, including clinical and operational leadership, that will address these health equity issues and help us achieve our vision that every New Zealander has the right to live well.”

As Head of Equity and Māori Health Outcomes, Lance will form part of ProCare’s Executive Leadership Team and report directly to the CEO.

The role will be specifically responsible for leading ProCare’s equity and advocacy response as part of its population health strategy, and further developing the PHO’s relationships with its community of enrolled Māori patients and building strategic partnerships with local iwi/ Māori and community groups.

“We are looking forward to having Lance on board - his passion for advancing outcomes for Māori is palpable and we are eager to see him, together with our equity team, build strategies and partnerships that will make a significant difference in the lives of our Māori patient populations,” says Steve.

Lance says he is looking forward to contributing to the advancement of ProCare’s population health strategy and improving health outcomes for Māori.

“Strategically addressing and reducing the inequities in our health system where it relates to our Māori and Pacific populations is key in ensuring a sustainable, equitable and healthy future for these most at-risk groups in our population,” says Lance.

Lance will officially join the ProCare team on 1 October 2018.

Read more about ProCare’s ‘health needs’ review of its enrolled population, ‘Our Picture of Health, here.

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