Frozen berries: Hepatitis A risk

The imported frozen berries linked to a Hepatitis A health scare have now officially been identified and recalled by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) have confirmed that Fruzio Mixed Berries containing blackberries and strawberries (company FSL) sold in 1kg and 500g bags have been identified as the common source for four cases of Hepatitis A. They have been recalled and should not be eaten.

Members of the public who have packets of Fruzio Mixed Berries are being advised not to eat them or put them in smoothies, but they should retain the berries until there is further advice from MPI. They can call the MPI Consumer Helpline for advice on frozen berries on 0800 00 83 33.

If you are concerned about a potential risk to your health, or the health of others, you should seek advice from your GP during practice hours, or phone Healthline – 0800 61 11 16.

For more information on Hepatitis A, visit the Ministry of Health website

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