What we offer

We are New Zealand’s largest and most diverse cooperative of healthcare professionals, with a local and personal approach to delivering world leading health services. We support grassroots action and people determining their own futures while providing a strong voice for primary care at the national level. If you want to have a real impact on the future of general practice in New Zealand, join a Primary Health Organisation that is innovative, bold, capable and positive about the future of primary care.

We value community-based and family-orientated health care and believe the future of general practice is central to the whole health system. We are practice-focused and this is reflected in all aspects of our organisation. General Practitioners, nurses, practice managers and owners are represented across ProCare in governance, management, leadership and quality improvement roles.

ProCare is an engine of innovation that promotes partnership and leads debate about how we fund and deliver healthcare in the 21st century.


All of our work is driven by three things we are passionate about:

Clinical Excellence

Thriving Businesses

Influential Network