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Flu not just a winter disease

01 Apr 2014

Health experts are urging New Zealanders to get immunised against influenza as soon as possible to get protected, with recent cases of the disease showing that influenza isn’t only a winter illness

ProCare appoints a new clinical director

24 Mar 2014

New Zealand’s largest PHO, ProCare, announced today the appointment of Dr Allan Moffitt as its new Clinical Director. Dr Moffitt will lead the organisation’s Clinical Directorate from 1 July.

Homecare Medical’s new clinical decision support system goes live

24 Feb 2014

Homecare Medical (formerly HML) has ‘pushed the button’ on its new clinical decision support system, Odyssey Tele Assess.

Pegasus Health and ProCare join forces to deliver telehealth services

17 Feb 2014

Two of the country’s leading primary health networks have joined forces in delivering a variety of telephone and virtual health services available to more than 2.2 million people in New Zealand.

How not to visit a GP while on holiday

19 Dec 2013

Good preparation can help reduce the need to visit a GP while on holiday. Check your prescriptions are up-to-date, book regular check-ups in advance and stock up on seasonal medications

Care, Don't Share

29 Oct 2013

Ten thousand free toothbrushes are heading to Mangere this week, thanks to the innovative thinking of the Turuki Health Care rheumatic fever team.

ProCare appoints new CFO - Press Release

02 Oct 2013

ProCare Health Chief Executive Steve Boomert today announced the appointment of Liam Sheridan as the company’s new Chief Financial Officer.

Community Water Fluoridation

25 Sep 2013

Community water fluoridation is a necessary public health intervention that has proven safe and effective in promoting and protecting oral health for over 60 years. Here is relivant information for you and your patients

​Media Release - 12 September 2013

20 Sep 2013

ProCare has appointed Dr Karl Cole as Clinical Director for HML, the company’s afterhours telephone nurse triage service.

27th August 2013 Franklin County News

05 Sep 2013

Recently Geoff wrote of a need for additional services to support young people, especially teenagers and what Counties Manakau Health, Franklin Localities are doing in the form of the Youth Health Project

FoodSwitch App

26 Aug 2013

This new phone app helps you to make better food shopping decisions.

Puketapapa Fun Run

19 Aug 2013

Come and support your local school by running the Puketapapa Fun Run. 10km, 5km, 2km. Entry is free for students and only $10 for adults.

Do you find food labels confusing?

13 Aug 2013

An interactice Dietitian led talk is being held about understanding what is in our foods and making healthier choices.

Crohn's and Colitis Auckland meeting

09 Aug 2013

Public meeting and AGM August 2013 with special speaker Dr Anita Nolan who will speak about how IBD can affect the mouth

Fonterra contaminated products information

07 Aug 2013

This page is a collection of links to useful information around the Fonterra infant botulism scare. Perhaps the most useful is the link to Dr John Camerons interview on Campbell Live

Nearly 63,000 more Aucklanders assessed for health risks

01 Aug 2013

Thanks to dedication from ProCare’s network of general practices nearly 63,000 more Aucklanders have been assessed for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, giving patients a better understanding of their health risks.

Triple P there to help families

15 Jul 2013

Manakau Courier's recent story about the Tripl P Parenting Programme. Story by Arian Evans

Diabetes Self-management education courses

03 Jul 2013

Do you have Type 2 Diabetes? There are free community programmes being run all over Auckland that help participants better manage their diabetes

Nutrition Awards Celebration

27 Jun 2013

For the last four years Healthy Village Action Zones (HVAZ) has been awarding community churches for their achievements in healthy living messages and empowerment.

Men’s Health Week 2013

11 Jun 2013

New Zealand men live on average four years less than New Zealand women, and yet are much less likely to talk to a GP about their health.