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About ProCare - who is ProCare and what does ProCare do?

About ProCare

ProCare is New Zealand's largest network of qualified GPs and general practice teams, representing nearly 200 practices across the greater Auckland region, with over 800,000 enrolled patients.

Founded in 1995 as one of the first Independent Practitioners Associations (IPAs), ProCare is a respected leader in primary healthcare and population health.  

Our vision is to improve the health of Aucklanders through quality general practice. We do this by providing our nearly 200 general practices with the right clinical programmes, a full staff of qualified doctors and nurses, primary healthcare services (such as our vaccination, immunisation, mental health and after-hours medical advice phone services), health promotion, community health education and business advice.

ProCare serves the largest Pacific, Maori and South Asian populations enrolled in general practice in New Zealand. To meet the unique healthcare needs of Auckland's diverse population, ProCare  partners with community organisations to build sustainable clinics, healthcare services and programmes and health promotion activities throughout our communities.

ProCare remains committed to ensuring general practice remains the essential ''medical home" for all New Zealanders. Primary care healthcare systems like New Zealand's deliver better healthcare and more efficiencies than any other system. As healthcare services and treatments become increasingly complex, we believe it is more important than ever that general practice teams remain at the hub of our healthcare, continuing to care for patients throughout their whole lives.

To ensure Government health priorities are met and quality general practice remains viable, ProCare advocates for the interests of our general practice and their patients with Government, Auckland's three district health boards and other healthcare organisations.

Join the 800,000 Aucklanders taking advantage of ProCare's quality general practice enjoying our wide range of healthcare services.


  • Our People

    ProCare is managed by a team of dedicated healthcare professionals and medical sector leaders. Our Board Members represent our GP, nurse and practice staff and industry partners.

  • Health sector partner and advocate

    As a leading primary healthcare organisation, ProCare works on behalf of its members to advocate for their interests and secure the future of general practice for all New Zealanders.

  • How to Join Our Network

    Are you a primary health practice interested in joining ProCare?

  • Contact Us

    General enquiries: Phone (09) 377 7827 Fax (09) 377 7826 Postal Address: PO Box 105 346, Auckland Level 2, 110 Stanley Street, Grafton, Auckland, 1001

  • The ProCare Charitable Foundation

    The ProCare Charitable Foundation was created with the aim of providing funding and grants to promote the health and wellbeing of Greater Auckland communities.